Being Open to Change

The huge change in style brought about by the redesign of Apple's iOS platform taught me something pretty huge about myself as a designer, and as a person. Despite what I've believed, I'm not immune to the scary effects of change. I like to think of myself as open to radically new ideas, but the reality is that change is hard no matter who you are.

I hated iOS 7 at first. It was a big change and it seemingly came out of left field. It turned everything I had learned up to that point on it's head. It was scary, but I let myself get curious after an initial jolt of revulsion and over time I warmed up to this new way of thinking about design. Perhaps I'm not as open as I thought I was, or maybe I've just been looking at it the wrong way.

Being open to new ideas doesn't mean that they aren't scary. New ideas are going to be scary, they're going to be messy. Being scared or not doesn't define wether your ope- or closed-minded, it's how you react to that fear that matters. It's taking that initial fear and facing it, trying to understand the new idea and embracing it that makes one open minded.

So now when I say I'm open to new ideas I have a newfound understanding of what that means.

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