The Macintosh is more than a computer to me. For a vast majority of my 24 years on this Earth, the Macintosh has been a blank canvas. It's enabled me to express myself and to make a living doing what I love. From my first days using Kid Pix on the SE/30 to using software like Photoshop, Sketch, and Pixelmator on the MacBook Pro, the Macintosh has given me the ability to simply create.

In addition to design, the Macintosh has made me into a writer, a musician, and a filmmaker. It's allowed me to communicate with people around the world and make friends I would never have met otherwise. It's given me a voice when I feel I have none.

The Macintosh is more than a computer to me. Its true power doesn't lie in the gigabytes and megahertz, but in the power of creativity it has given to me and to so many others.