My Favorite Online Resources

There are tons of online resources out there for designers to help make our lives easier. Everything from assets and fonts, to inspiration, to tutorials.

Here are some of my favorite online resources that I use regularly. Most of these are free, or extremely low-cost.  If you have any that you love, and they aren't listed here, please share them in the comments.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

A great site for generating Lorem Ipsum placeholder text. You can set the length, either by paragraphs, words, or bytes. You can also generate lists. A very handy tool that has come in handy more times than I can count, especially while working on print projects. 


This site takes all the hassle out of creating mockup images for mobile and tablet apps. Just pick the device you're designing for, upload a JPEG and you're ready to go. I've used this to create images for my portfolio and Dribbble. 


Free, high-quality stock photos added every 10 days. Need I say more? 


Personally I'm a believer of creating as much as you can yourself, but this site has a great database of icons that are great for inspiration. Whenever I need some ideas for an icon I'll try to find something similar on IconFinder.

Lost Type Co-Op

A collection of beautiful typefaces that are pay-what-you-want for non-profit use. They also sell commercial licenses at set price points. It's a great, inexpensive resource for students, or those looking to add something new to their personal projects. 

Free Vector Maps

I was doing a project last year that I needed a simple world map for. I had almost resorted to tracing a bitmap image, when I decided there had to be an easier way. I stumbled across this website and fell in love. All the maps are free with attribution, or you can pay a very reasonable price (usually around $2) for a non-attribution license. 

iOS 7 Colors

This site is a must if you're designing for iOS devices. It's a collection of colors and gradients that fit perfectly into the iOS 7 aesthetic, complete with HEX color values.