College: The Big Question

Should you go to college? Should you further your education on your own? Are you even sure what you want to do? I can't answer those questions for you, but I can share my experiences and point you towards answering them for yourself.

"I did go to school for a year, and I found something that maybe I wouldn't have found otherwise."

One point I realized I should have covered is the value of a college degree when you're looking for a job. Some companies put more emphasis on that college degree, to some people that simply makes you more valuable as a human being. It's unfortunate, but it's the truth. On the other hand, some don't really care if you have one or not as long as you've got the portfolio and resumé to back you up. Before you make the decision of wether you want to go you need to look at the career options you want to have.

After you finish this I very much encourage you to listen to an episode of the Seanwes Podcast called How to Make a Living with Your Passions Without Going to College

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