Scheduled - The Simple Calendar

Scheduled is a calendar app designed to take all the complexity out of digital calendars, and act more like a weekly planner. No alert notifications or any of the traditional features found in most apps of this kind. 

The project goal was to create an icon that was unique, and would stand out among the other calendar icons out there. Searching the app store I found that many apps in this category have basic desk calendar icons, or icons that are far too abstract and don't effectively communicate what they represent. 

I started searching around for pictures of weekly planners to try and get some inspiration. I found one I liked that had a strap around it with a button. I found that it looked far too much like a notebook or diary however, and scrapped that idea.

I wanted to stick with the original idea, so I went back to looking at reference materials. The final icon is based on an open weekly planner which better communicates the purpose of the app within the initial concept without being too abstract.