Shoplist - The Ultimate Shopping List

For Shoplist, the goal was for the icon to catch the users eye and present the concept in a visually appealing way. The client was on a strict deadline so I didn't have a whole lot of time to waste. I came up with a handful of concepts, but things started to take shape when I drew a piece of paper with a shopping cart in the background.

After some thought I realized that concept would be too visually complex.  I decided a shopping bag would be a much easier object to represent at such a small scale. I came up with a couple concepts around that idea. One was a flat, straight on view, while the other was more or less the same but with some perspective.

Color was an interesting challenge. The initial color scheme was green and red, but I felt that it suggested that the app was holiday-centric. A dark grey lent a more neutral tone to the background, and helped to bring the main artwork into focus.